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Serum Update

It's been almost 2 weeks since I started to use the serum I created. I wash my face with a mild soap and apply it twice a day. And, I'm seeing results. Good ones.

The Bumps are Disappearing:

Milia are tiny bumps that form under the skin, usually on the face. They are caused by skin flakes becoming trapped under the skin and form a small, hard, white lump. In the past, I have removed them by sterilizing a needle and poking and picking at the lump until I expose it, then picking it out. It leaves a small hole that can take about a week to heal. Since using the serum, the bumps have begun to shrink and disappear. One actually surfaced on its own and I was able to rub it off with a washcloth.

Skin Tags are Smoothing out and Shrinking:

This was a surprise. I have battled skin tags on my neck for a few years now. In general, I use a sterilized razor and shave my neck to get rid of them. They are superficial growths and there is no harm in removing them yourself if you don't mind a little blood. Since using the serum the few skin tags I had around my windpipe area have almost disappeared. They are flattening and smooth to the point where I can barely feel them.

And Lisa is Reporting:

That a number of bumps that she had along her jawline have gone away.

There comes a point, especially after menopause, that only surgery, Botox and injectables will produce dramatic and significant changes to the appearance of your skin. Sometimes those results may be too dramatic resulting in a puffed up or pulled tight appearance that is unnatural, and, in my opinion, unattractive. An important part of aging is doing so with dignity. If you look like your face was caught in a really strong wind, you've gone a little too far. However, I also maintain that you can improve the outward appearance of your skin with regular cleansing, exfoliating and using products that temporarily plump and smooth fine lines. It's important to work with what you've got and it's amazing how just a few minutes a day will improve the overall look of your skin.

I'll be back soon with more updates. In the meantime, stay healthy. Stay safe. Wear a mask. And love yourself for who you are. You've worked hard to get here.

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