• Linda Reid

Nine Good Reasons To Be Happy.

Aging can be depressing. Or not. Here are 9 reasons why getting old isn't so bad.

  1. The alternative isn’t great. Whatever your belief system, dead is dead.

  2. You don’t need to worry about having a career, anymore. Cross that ambition to be a water slide tester off your bucket list.

  3. You no longer care what other people think. It amazes me how my self-confidence has increased in direct proportion to the number of wrinkles I have. I’ll be a force to be reckoned with if I reach 100 years old.

  4. You can dress mainly for comfort. I have one pair of high heels, my jeans are made with Lycra and I don’t tuck anything in anymore.

  5. You have learned not to sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff.

  6. Being a grandmother. It's so easy. Take the grandkids for a day or two. Spoil them rotten. Give them back to their parents. And you're done.

  7. Retirement. It's a beautiful thing.

  8. Senior's discount days! Here are websites to find out the where and when:

Number Nine

The best thing about being older is that all that experience, good and bad, has made you stronger and wiser. Living is tough. Things are good then you get kicked in the teeth. But, you’re here. You have survived it even when there were times you didn’t think you could. We all have that in common. Life didn’t knock you down, it built you up.

Congratulate yourself every day because you, my dear, have arrived!

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