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My Very Own Makeup Tips

As I’ve aged I’ve had to really up my game when it comes to makeup. Subtle is the key to looking younger and fresher. Here's my basic makeup routine.

The Base

Exfoliate. I use an apricot shell scrub every day. Dry skin is flaky skin. Remove the flakes. I moisturize with creams for mature skin. If they contain any of the following: Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, argireline and sunscreen, even better. All are for daytime use.


I try not to use foundation. I apply a fake tan lotion every few days so that I don’t look so pale. If I do use it I apply a primer first.


Oh, to have the pink cheeks of my youth. I use lipstick for blush. Powders no longer look good on my ever-increasing creases and cream blushes need to be applied throughout the day as they have a tendency to disappear. Lipstick has more pigment so it lasts longer. Go easy with it though. You don’t want to look like a Christmas elf.


They are a perfect frame for your eyes and if done correctly can provide a mini facelift. If you’ve been reading my blog you know I dye mine with Just for Men for Moustache, Beard and Sideburns.


I only use mascara for daytime. If I’m getting dressed for a special occasion I might use eyeshadow but I stay away from glitter and bright colours. I never use eyeliner because it weighs my eyes down. Down is a four letter word when you’re a senior as everything is already heading that way.


I use a neutral colour lip liner pencil to fill in my whole lip then apply a gloss or lip moisturizer. This avoids the bleed into the fine lines around my mouth which is never a good look. Using a neutral colour also means not looking like Baby Jane.


All the cosmetics in the world won't hide a sour expression or negative attitude. Smile once in awhile. Studies have shown that even if you are having a bad day if you smile you can fool your brain into thinking you are happy. Brains are stupid that way.

Bottom Line

Makeup experts are pretty much in agreement that less is better as we age. I support that. Taking good care of your skin and adding a bit of colour is more than enough to present that pretty face of yours to the world. And it frees up your time for the fun stuff that comes with aging like doctors appointments and trying to find clothes that don't make you look like your grandmother did.

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