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Just Dance!

“The job of feets is walking, but their hobby is dancing.” Amit Kalantri

Last fall, when depression tackled me like a linebacker on speed I was fortunate to meet a psychiatrist with a very direct approach. There was no beating around the bush with this woman. She talked, I listened and she gave me the best advice I’ve had in a long time. She told me to dance.

Anyone that knows me knows that I can’t dance. All the rhythm in our family went to my brother, Brian. He is an extraordinary drummer and can make any band sound good. I, on the other hand, can tap out a beat with my foot for approximately 3 seconds before it all goes to hell. However, in the privacy of my home I can jump around, flinging my arms in all directions and no one but the dog and cat can see me. My dog looks sympathetic, the cat has a bit of attitude about it. I choose to ignore them.

The dancing has been therapeutic to say the least. I have a playlist on my Amazon Alexa device which I have named “Get Off Your Bum” and am sharing with you because, why not. Sometimes I have enough energy left over to do it two times in a row.

I feel wonderful after finishing my bobbing and weaving and pirouettes. I’ve careened into walls a few times, and I once tripped over a dog toy but nothing was broken. We all have songs that get us moving, make us feel really happy and that we love enough to play over and over again. Here are mine and their average playtime.

Raspberry Beret - Prince 3.29

Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins 2:57

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson 4:32

Rubberband Man - The Spinners 3:35

Let's Shake - Teenage Head 3:04 (my favourite)

Burning Down the House - Talking Heads 3:54 (my wedding song)

That's approximately 20 minutes of moving, jumping around, and pretending I can dance. It gives me such a lift. Better than any drug and I'm not against drugs. My list won't be your list. But, if you're feeling down, find those songs that get your feet tapping and your hands clapping. Get off your bum and dance!

Until next time, my friends. Be safe. Stay healthy.

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