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I'm Starting an Ageism Movement

My grandmother used to complain that doctors didn’t want to help her with her various ailments as she was old. This may have been true when she was alive. Nana died in 2002 at the tender age of 95. It used to concern me a bit because I thought “Well, that’s not fair.” and “What’s going to happen when I’m old?” and “Oh no!” Well, here I am. I am now considered by the medical community to be elderly. Here’s a blurb from that clarifies this:

“What age is considered elderly, medically? Medically speaking, an individual is called elderly if he has reached 65 years of age. At this age, the medical treatment of the elderly, also known as geriatrics, can begin.”

Good grief! I am elderly, medically. Can they not come up with a better way of saying that? I truly believe that age is just a number. We all "get old" at a different rate. I made an effort to come up with a better term but it was tough. I tried seasoned but that was way too close to what they do to meat to make it palatable. I thought of mature but, again, not applicable to me or a lot of other old people I know.

I decided to search the trusty internet to see what other terms have been applied to old people in the past. Unfortunately, some were quite accurate:

Geezer. That’s what I sound like in the morning so, accurate.

Antiquated. I’m not 100 yet so I’m actually vintage but it’s close.

Doddering. That pretty well describes me going down a flight of stairs. I have a bad knee.

Over the hill. That one is silly. You need to be able to actually climb a hill to get over it.

Quaint. Yes. I am quaint. I still prefer a landline to a cell phone and I haven’t thrown out my cookbooks yet, even though all the recipes and more are available on the internet.

Past one’s prime. Oh please! Just put me down and bury me in the backyard with the cat, the dog and the guinea pig.

Senior. If you are employed this is a position you have worked for. If you are old you're just...old.

Yes, that is me in a few years time. I used the "old" filter on FaceApp. I don't recommend it.

By now we've all heard of the "me, too", movement. It's about time there was one. Since seniors make up approximately 15% of the population I think we need a movement, as well. Not a bowel movement (maybe not today, I never know), but our own "me, too" movement. I'm going to call it "what about me" and this movement will advocate for seniors, fight ageism, command the respect we deserve, ban calling an old person "dear" or "sweetie", make a law that all public toilets must be chair height... I could go on and on. But, I just got the idea now so leave it with me. There will be more.

If you have an experience to share about getting old, please feel free to share in the comments. Let me know I'm not alone.

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