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Face Shaving for Women

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I started shaving my face years ago when I read that one of the reasons men have younger-looking skin than their female counterparts is because when men shave they are also exfoliating. It was a game changer. My skin creams absorbed better, foundation lay more smoothly and my skin tone became more even.

I have since read that men have many other reasons why their skin is youthful for so long, not the least of which is that they have more collagen. They also don't go through menopause. The depletion of the hormone, estrogen, causes dry, thin skin. Honestly, with all the other things that come with menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, bone loss, depression, anxiety and vaginal dryness you'd think that thin skin would be the least thing to be concerned about. I disagree. Bottom line. I always put my best face forward and among others things it happens to be shaved.

I used to use a regular, leg-shaving razor. Then my daughter told me about these little guys. They are perfect for face-shaving. You can buy them on Amazon.

Here are some of the benefits of Face Shaving

Smooth Skin: And I mean smooth. The razor removes hair and superficial bumps you may not even know you have until they bleed a bit. But, they're gone. And it didn't hurt.

Foundation: If you've ever applied foundation then noticed how fuzzy your cheeks are, especially in a bright light like sunshine, you'll be amazed and very pleased by how nice your foundation looks not all caught up in the hair on your face.

Exfoliation: I have exfoliated my skin for most of my adult life. I have, at various times, used facial scrubs, rough washcloths, buff puffs and exfoliating serums but nothing beats scraping that dead skin off with a razor. I am sure this is why I rarely get blackheads and pimples. No plugged up pores.

No Stray Hairs: If, like me, you get long, thin, weird hairs that seem to grow overnight you will love face shaving. Never again will you be sitting down, minding your own business while reading or watching TV and while absentmindedly scratching/picking at/ rubbing your face, find one of those hairs and wonder how long it has been waving in the breeze unbeknownst to you but really obviously (or so it seems) to everyone you have met in the past week.

There are Drawbacks (But you're a big girl so you can take it)

Ingrown Hairs: A danger whether you are shaving your face, your armpits, your legs or your pubic area. Try to shave in the direction the hair is growing to avoid this. I have found that the more I shave the less this happens. And it has never happened on my face.

You Might Cut Yourself: Don't do this if you are drunk or high. The danger is real. I have accidentally made superficial cuts from using the wrong angle or pressing too hard. I was not drunk at the time, either. If you've regularly shaved other parts of your body in the past you'll be fine. Just be careful.

The Do’s

  1. Sterilize the razor with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide;

  2. Wash your face first;

  3. Use a shaving cream or lather with a mild soap;

  4. Stretch skin slightly where you are using the razor;

  5. Shave your whole face, including your forehead;

  6. Remember to do under chin and along your jawline;

  7. Apply a skin soother afterwards like aloe vera; and

  8. Throw out the razor after a couple of uses. It needs to be sharp.

The Don’ts

  1. Shave against hair growth;

  2. Push to hard;

  3. Accidentally shave the hair at your hairline;

  4. Shave moles. DO NOT EVER SHAVE A MOLE;

  5. Do same area over and over. One or two swipes is enough; and don't

  6. Shave more than once a week.

It is a myth that hair grows in thicker/longer/faster if you cut it or shave it. It's not like a plant where if you pinch the top it grows thicker. Hair is dead protein. It is only alive at the root. Dead is dead. Shave without fear.

If you have never shaved your face and are concerned about it, watch a man do it. They have the necessary facial contortions figured out. Don't watch the guy with bits of toilet paper stuck to his face. He doesn't know what he's doing.

Stay safe and well, my lovelies. It's a crazy time and never have I appreciated my life and you more than I do right now.

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