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Blogging Ain't Easy

When I was a kid my parents called me Last Word Linda. A psychologist once told me that was kind of mean but it wasn't. It was true. Frustrating for my parents, too. I always had to get the last word in. Even now I have to stop myself from replying to emails, and comments on Facebook that clearly do not need a reply. However, the moniker has stuck because I use it as my email account name. I find it funny and apparently so do other people because when I give out my email address I invariably get remarks like, "I bet there's a story behind that." and less profound remarks like, "Ha ha, that's hilarious."

However, I have discovered that blogging is difficult. I might be lastwordlinda but that's because you have to say something to me first so that I can discuss it with you and hopefully have the last word. But, starting the dialogue? It doesn't come easily.

I lie awake at night thinking of topics to blog about. Things like "How to Modify the Mug Cake Recipe by Adding Marshmallows"; "Chiropractors - Therapeutic or Placebo"; "Being a Senior Sucks". Stuff like that. I'm really good at coming up with titles but the content is an issue.

The other day I sat down and wrote a long blog. I didn't publish it because I was distracted by something and made it a draft for later publication. When I went back to it I was astounded at my attitude. I must have been feeling angry that day because I came across as bitter and was carping about things that aren't bothering me at all anymore. It seems it's a good idea to always sit on something you've written for a couple of days before publishing. Once it's out there you can't take it back. Not on the internet, anyway.


I have signed a contract with a cosmetic manufacturing company to create the creams I want to sell that have been formulated for the unique skin of post-menopausal women. You know, dry, wrinkly, thin...all those things. I really don't believe that we can turn back the clock without some kind of genome editor like CRISPR-Cas9 but I really do believe we need to feel good inside and out and if we don't feel like we look our best it's probably going to affect feeling our best. Especially when your really young grandchildren are asking you about the cracks on your face. I don't want to scare them but, hey kids, this will be you someday. I will keep you up-to-date on how things are going. Right now it's in the R and D phase which I learned means Research and Development. Lucky for me, I get the LAST WORD because it will be my product.

Take care, be safe. If it bugs you to be wearing a mask try to remember you are wearing it for others not just yourself. I think being altruistic is an excellent personality trait.

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