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I am a serial lurker on the internet. I admit it. I own it. I love reading about other people's lives, especially when they are infinitely more interesting than mine. Plus, I learn a lot. I have compiled a list of people I follow. Not in a stalker way, though. That would be weird.

Lisa Brandt

Lisa is a voice artist, radio personality and a frequent blogger. We share a love of animals and rescuing. Also, she is very funny so there's that. I have been reading her blog for a very long time. It's always brief but interesting. You will find her here.

Erin Davis

Erin is another voice artist/radio personality. I have been reading her blog since it began which is almost 20 years ago. She writes about her life and it's been an interesting one. She wrote an excellent book on grief after losing her adult daughter. She always answers if you send her an email. And she is best friends with Lisa Brandt. I gather they met while doing radio in Toronto. You find these things out when you lurk. You may read Erin, here.

The Bloggess aka Jenny Lawson

Jenny writes books that always make the New York Times best seller list. They are funny, witty and self-deprecating. All things I aspire too. She also has a major depressive disorder and doesn't mind sharing that journey with her readers. If you don't like swearing you might find her offensive. I just ignore it. You will find her blog, here.

Chump Lady

This woman speaks to every issue regarding being a chump in a relationship. She's even written a book. I was a chump a long time ago but the bitterness lingers. When I read her blog I can actually laugh about it because it's not my life anymore. Her readers comment like crazy and their stories are just as interesting as the Chump Lady's. If you have ever been in a bad relationship, you might find her take on it enlightening and even helpful. She writes here.

* * *

Meanwhile, I am still working on a revamp of my own blog. Since I no longer obsess about getting old and wrinkly (not as much as I used to, anyway) most of my current blog is now irrelevant. Maybe if I stop reading other people's blogs I will find the time to work on mine. Out with the old and in with the older. That's my new motto. For now.

PS. For some reason, my signature is cut off at the end. I don't know why. I don't know if it will look like that when I publish this. Yet another good reason to revamp. So annoying, though.

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